Global Two-Stroke Engine Innovators Complete Successful Asia Tour

Hirth Engines completes first leg of global business development initiative across Asia

World-leading designer and manufacturer of two-stroke propulsion systems Hirth Engines has met with some of the biggest players in the UAV sector across Asia to establish a foothold in the Asian marketplace, an important region for the company as they build on their expansion plan for 2020.

Hirth Engines sees 2020 as a time for growth and is launching its global expansion plans beginning with Asia, followed by Europe and the USA. As part of the Asia tour, Hirth Engines met with partners, distributors and customers to not only showcase its new innovative product portfolio, but also to discuss new partnerships and to demonstrate its commitment to building strong customer relationships.

Under new leadership, Hirth Engines has spent the past year consolidating its engine portfolio into a meticulous range of market leading engines for the UAV and Light Aircraft sectors. In a continuous programme of client relations, Hirth Engines has been working with customers to improve services and systems.

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Bruno König, CEO of Hirth Engines, explains: “We are gearing up for what will be a successful 2020 by meeting with our core customers, partners and distributors across key regions of the world, incorporating Asia, Europe and USA to name a few. We have an excellent portfolio of engines to meet the needs of tomorrow’s UAV and light aircraft sectors, and starting with what was a successful Asia trip, we aim to be at the heart of the two-stroke revolution.”

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Moving forwards, Hirth Engines intends to continue its drive towards global expansion. Beginning with the Asian region, this non-stop tour has opened the Asian marketplace up to the best two-stroke engines available. Following a whirlwind tour of Asia, Hirth Engines is setting its sights on the USA with a road trip planned for Spring next year, followed by a European tour in Q3/Q4 2020.

Alongside this global tour, Hirth Engines is also continuing to make improvements to its pioneering heavy fuel engine, which is currently being implemented by UMS SKELDAR in its market leading SKELDAR V-200 Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV platform. With further developments planned for 2020, Hirth Engines’ heavy fuel engines are continuing to be the first choice for navy commanders worldwide.

Overall, Hirth Engines is solidifying its presence as an engine manufacturer in the UAV and Light Aircraft sectors with a firm focus on the future. Supported by ongoing research and development plans, the company is aligned with the requirements of customers to provide exceptional engines and outstanding service.

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“We’re excited to secure a foundation in the Asia market to enable growth in this region and provide a quick and efficient service. We are leading the charge in quality two-stroke UAV propulsion and we aim to build on our global services in Asia, Europe and the USA,” said Peter Lietz, Director of International Sales and Services.

On the Asian tour, Hirth Engines’ leadership team visited China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. The next step, following this tour, is to deliver on the business potential this trip delivered.