Future proofing
propulsion technology

In addition to custom-made adaptations of our series engines we undertake a range of R&D programmes. These are focused on our own core product lines, including heavy fuel and other special requirements.

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Uniting expertise, excellence and efficiency

We combine heritage, expertise, quality and investment in technology when tooling and testing to create an efficient production environment with unmatched attention to detail.

Every single component is subject to rigorous tests. This applies to crankshafts made from high quality speciality steel in our own factory as well as to the vendor parts from reliable partner firms.

Quality control is one of the magic words which has helped Hirth to become an innovator, and a propulsion system of choice, in the helicopter and fixed wing unmanned aerial sector allowing us to export more light engines for aviation applications around the globe than ever before.

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Research & Development

Future proofing propulsion technology

These are focused on our own core product lines, including heavy fuel and other special requirements. We provide specialised customisations for all clients when necessary providing the customer with the perfect fit for their machine.

Our young and innovative team of engineers combines at Hirth Engines state-of-the-art research and technology facility near Stuttgart with the production knowledge of more than 80 years in building light two-stroke engines.

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By combining this with electronic direct injection, we have achieved fuel consumption and smooth-running characteristics which are unequalled in the world of engines.

Our products can be run on gasoline as well as heavy fuels, demanded by customers involved in military and maritime domains.  In the interest of protecting the environment we also provide quality to meet environmental standards.

Hirth multi-fuel engines are powerful, light, compact, reliable and affordable with minimal vibration and completely independent of mounting position. Just some of the reasons why Hirth Engines is the market leader in next generation two-stroke propulsion systems.


Combining Power and Reliability with
State-of-the-Art Technology

At Hirth we continually develop state-of-the-art technology applied to the proven two-stroke principle. These include engine models independent of mounting position that offer compactness, simplicity and a unique power to weight ratio for special applications.

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Injection System

Superior Engineering,
Leading Class Design

Our engines are specially designed with the customer in mind and Hirth’s custom injection system provides state of the art technology minimising fuel consumption and emissions while boosting reliability, performance and leading class power to weight ratio.

Benefits of the Two-Stroke Injection System:
  1. Quantity of fuel is optimised in all conditions – altitude or climate – meaning more power at lower fuel consumption
  2. Reduction of fuel consumption and emissions (up to 30%), especially in part-load range
  3. Ability to set the mixture composition individually, in contrary to the vacuum dependant and gas dynamic influenced carburettor
  4. Advanced sensor and actuator technology
  5. Continuous mixture setting for maximum service life
  1. Very good atomization of fuel by injection nozzle with low-pressure-system
  2. Reduction of CO-emissions by lean mixture setting
  3. Improved cold start and hot start mixture formation and reduction of cold smoking during start and warm-up phase
  4. No icing of mixture components or carburettor icing
  5. Trailing throttle fuel cut-off above 1.800 rpm
  1. Automatic speed limitation by interruption of fuel injection meaning no misfiring
  2. Smooth acceleration from idle to maximum speed
  3. Operation independently from installation position
  4. Increase of operational reliability
  5. Customized Engine management systems to integrate into nearly each existing buss system in the UAV area.
The Two-Stroke Principle

Reliable Performance and Dependable Power

The optimal two-stroke engine is light, reliable and provides low fuel-consumption. Hirth Engines have been produced since the beginning of powered flight and our engineering excellence continues with performance and efficiency as the driving force in all our products.

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The Two-Stroke principle we champion at Hirth allows our engines to provide the highest in power-to-weight ratio. Resulting in approximately 2 horsepower (HP) to every kilogram (kg). A four-stroke engine produces two-thirds of the power compared to a two-stroke of equal weight.

Equally, a four-stroke engine has up to three times the moving parts of a two-stroke engine – making Hirth engines a superior choice when considering future maintenance making our engines the reliable, sturdy choice for any propulsion system.

Consistently we live up to our promise: Hirth Engines provides the most reliable two-stroke engines – offering you a lighter engine, with less moving parts, efficient fuel consumption and superior power.